Principal Page

A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents:
As the Principal of Chickasaw Elementary, I want to welcome you to our school and invite you to participate in the many educational activities we will present you during the school year. The motto of the school is "We Focus on Learning". We promise to uphold a high standard and work hard to continue to improve the academic gains of all of our students. You can help us by supporting your child's learning at home. Ensure that they have a place to study every night, and that thirty minutes of reading is completed faithfully each night. There are wonderful worlds to explore in children's literature, and your child can learn to love and enjoy reading with the proper coaching and guidance.

We provide many exciting programs for students in addition to their classroom work. Our "Accelerated Reading Program" is a motivational program that maintains points for percent correct of reading comprehension questions presented to students on the computer. Students enjoy charting their own progress. Students accomplishing certain point levels receive brag tags each Friday and participate in the recognition activities each grading period. The AR points are part of the students' homework grade. The iReady program is a computer assisted instruction in reading and math that provide a unique learning path for each student according to his or her individual needs. There are many unique opportunities for parents to become volunteers and help with these special programs offered to students.

Please join our PTA (Parent, Teacher Association) which supports our students' learning; become a SAC (School Advisory Council) member to help implement our school improvement plan; join our PLC (Parent Leadership Council) to learn about English as a Second Language; or become an ADDitions Volunteer to help students succeed. You will see me, the Assistant Principal, and teachers involved in these organizations to maintain a positive community involvement at Chickasaw Elementary. I encourage you to visit us whenever you are able to, our school always welcomes you!

Janet Medina-Maestre