Educational Web Games

Dear Chickasaw Students,

On this site, you will find bookmarks of many useful links that are fun and exciting and will help you to improve you academic skills, such as Listening, Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and many more. These sites are safe and suitable for all students.

Have fun and enjoy your visits.

OCPS Sponsoring Sites

OCPS has paid for the rights for the following sites to be used both from schools and from homes. While at school, no usernames or passwords are required. However, if this sites are accessed from home, usernames and passwords are required for logging on.


    • username - Student ID

    • password - Student birth date MM/DD/YYYY


    • username - ocps

    • password - orange

Pearson Success Net

    • username and password supplied by the teacher


Search engine - to access the site from home and to bookmark your favorite sites, you will need to register for your own account while you are on campus

    • Generic username - ocps1

    • Generic password - ocps1


this link has many useful resources for students, teachers, and parents, no password requires


This is a search engine which will help you to locate articles in periodicals and books. You will need an Orange County Public Library card number to gain access from home.